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Patio Pavers Project

Paver Care and Paver Maintenance
We offer pavers to withstand corrosion and other conditions. Seasonal maintenance can preserve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor surfaces.
Service Repair: In the event that your existing pavers begin to shift or sink, let us provide the proper repair services to resolve the problem area. We also provide services for damage caused by trees, irrigation, or just plain wear and tear.

Paver Cleaning and Paver Sealing
Our cleaning and sealing services can preserve and maintain your pavers and protect them from harsh conditions and other variables. We can remove tough stains.
Retaining Walls: Add more dimension to you hardscape with retaining walls. We can install retaining walls at various heights for aesthetic purposes or to prevent damage caused by potential floods or falling debris. These eliminate the need for pins, clips, and mortar!

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Custom Designed Paver Driveways

Every house needs hardscaping that matches its design and overall look and feel. Hardscaping is an essential part of the design of the house. Retaining walls keeping your yards and gardens in place, walkways and driveways allow you to move about comfortably and a good patio can be an ideal place to just hang out and entertain. Landscape pavers can add to the charm of your house, depending on what you pick. At Rod’s Masonry, we offer complete paving solutions and can deal with all your pavement needs.

Brick pavements have been around for years. Many homeowners have used them for their driveways, walkways and other hardscaping needs. There’s something very easy and adaptable about the traditional brick that fits into every design concept easily, be it classic, modern, urban or rustic. It is the versatility of brick that makes it the preferred choice amongst homeowners everywhere.

  • Durability: A properly laid brick pathway or walkway can last for a lifetime. It can endure a heavy amount of traffic and yet remain sturdy and strong for many years. It is this durability that makes bricks one of the more preferred driveway pavers available in the market.
  • Low Maintenance: One of the specialties of brick is that it requires very little maintenance. Once it has been sealed perfectly, it only needs to be washed, which can be done by soap and water, about once or twice in a year. It is best that you seal the bricks after a washing to maintain their integrity.
  • Low Cost of Repair: Brick pavements are very easy to repair. If a brick paver cracks or is damaged in any way, you just need to lift it up and replace it with a new one. There’s very little effort and expense involved in repairing a brick pavement.
  • Color and Design: These days, bricks come in various colors and designs and you can pick one that fits the overall design of your home. The color of the brick doesn’t really fade over time so it remains vibrant and attractive for many years.
  • Cost of Installation: Brick pavements are very easy to install, and can be used immediately after they are set. This ensures you aren’t inconvenienced by a long wait after the paver installation. With brick, your driveway or walkway can be used the moment the installation is done.
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Brick Walkways

A charming walkway can define your landscape in a unique way. Brick walkways of vivid color and design cutting through your backyard or your gardens can be idyllic and add an earthly beauty to your home. Many homeowners are opting for walkways paved with brick to get that rustic look. Rod’s Masonry has worked on many projects where a walkway was used to define the landscape and give it a different kind of beauty.

There are many ways to use brick walkways to add beauty to your home. Our design team is there to assist you in picking the best fit. However, there are a few design ideas that are very popular and you can consider them for your home.

  • Straight and wide: Walkways and paths that are straight and wide appear grand and dramatic to the eye, especially when plants and shrubs line the edges and spill over to the path. They look very ornate and add a sense of richness and class to your home.
  • Mosaic: Bricks come in different colors and shapes and you can use that to create a beautiful pattern on your walkways, adding whatever design you wish. This design can be whimsical, floral, geometrical or plain and can add a sense of art to the walkways.
  • Curved: Curved walkway designs add a sense of mystery and intrigue, especially if they are leading to a hidden garden or a nook in the corner. A long, curved walkway winding through the backyard looks interesting and adds charm to the setting.
  • Formal and Sharp: The versatile brick will accommodate whatever style you choose. If you want to showcase a more formal appearance, using even-sized, even-colored brick in a distinctly plain and uncluttered pattern would work perfectly. Create a wide path and add a border and you have a perfect, formal looking walkway.
  • Aged and Distressed: For the rustic, old-world look, you can utilize old but sturdy bricks that have seen some wear. Recycling old bricks or sandblasting them is the best way to pull off this pattern.