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Patio Pavers Project

Paver Care and Paver Maintenance
We offer pavers to withstand corrosion and other conditions. Seasonal maintenance can preserve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor surfaces.
Service Repair: In the event that your existing pavers begin to shift or sink, let us provide the proper repair services to resolve the problem area. We also provide services for damage caused by trees, irrigation, or just plain wear and tear.

Paver Cleaning and Paver Sealing
Our cleaning and sealing services can preserve and maintain your pavers and protect them from harsh conditions and other variables. We can remove tough stains.
Retaining Walls: Add more dimension to you hardscape with retaining walls. We can install retaining walls at various heights for aesthetic purposes or to prevent damage caused by potential floods or falling debris. These eliminate the need for pins, clips, and mortar!