The patterns and textures of pavers in the marketplace today make it a very exciting time for homeowners to consider a patio or even a patio replacement. Pavers are so versatile, and can bring an element of interest, an old warm charm, or even a contemporary look that just can't be achieved with other patio paving materials.

Use circular paver laying patterns to build a dramatic visual centerpiece in an outdoor patio or courtyard. The great advantage of different paver materials is the homeowner has the flexibility as to what style, color, pattern and design they would most prefer to create with their patio.

Here at Rod's Masonry we sit down with our customers and listen to what their needs are and help design the ideal setting for each client. We are here to help in your design. Choosing the right patio product for the activities you will be engaging in while outdoors can help reduce injury, ensure activity satisfaction, provide additional seating and even allow for year-round outdoor use in some cases.

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